Gallia Bees

Thanks for visiting.  My name is Chris Blank and I am a beekeeper in Gallia County Ohio.  I specialize in feral, survivor bees and do not use any chemical treatments in my bee hives.  I sell honey, bees wax and in 2019, queen bees.


Pick up most anything from the super market in a box or a bottle and look at the ingredients…  What are most of things on our food?  Do we really know? Do we really understand what affects out food has on us in the long term?  Food should be simple.  In the last 50 years our industrial, chemical  based agriculture has invaded beekeeping.  My philosophy is to turn the clock back 100 years and keep bees without chemicals or antibiotics.  My beekeeping is simplistic, let the bees do what they do best.

My Bees

Most bees are shipped all over the United States.  Bees aren’t designed to move great distances like we ship them.  Bees setup their hive and never leave.  Shipping bees and moving bees from climate to climate is not good for them.  Bees learn the local cycles and pass that along to their offspring.  My bees are all sourced locally, from right here in Gallia County.  Bees swarm naturally to reproduce and with our rich wealth of forest in the area, most bees in our area are feral and live in those trees.  These bees know how to survive in Gallia County. They have been doing it for generations.  The local feral bees are were my bees are from.  Gallia County born and raised.


Swarm Basics

Swarms Healthy honey bee colonies in the spring reproduce themselves by swarming. As the colony builds up in the spring, the workers start filling the hive with nectar. As they fill all the comb, the queen runs out of space to lay eggs. Since she is no longer laying a large amount of eggs she …

Feeding Dry Sugar

When you realize you have a hive that is low on stores and temperatures are regularly below 50 fahrenheit(10 celsius) dry sugar is one of the easiest ways to feed your bees.  Once sugar syrup gets cold the bees won’t take it.  They also have to evaporate the excess moisture and it adds to condensation …